Create a beautiful and relaxing bedtime ritual to help enhance your sleep and repair your skin while you snooze. First, light a candle and spray your pillow with our SPARITUAL Hydrating Mist for a calming aroma that will help you relax. Next, on clean feet, give your tired feet some TLC before bed with our SPARITUAL Foot Balm.

This ritual comes with:
SPARITUAL Hydrating Mist
SPARITUAL Robe and Slippers
SPARITUAL Reflexology Technique

Bedtime Foot Ritual For a Better Sleep

Start by creating a beautiful setup in your bedroom. This ritual is all about romanticizing your life - maybe you light a candle, turn on some music, and maybe the bed is beautifully made with lots of pillows.

Then begin your ritual by doing a self-reflexology massage with our SPARITUAL Foot Balm to improve your sleep. It also exfoliates overnight so you will wake up with smoother skin.

Then spray our SPARITUAL Hydrating Mist on the pillow to transform your pillow with this soothing scent and create a relaxing environment for sleep.

Wake refreshed and relaxed.


Backed by scientific research, meditation has a vast amount of benefits including stress reduction, improvement of one’s overall sense of well-being, and feelings of connectedness and empathy, as well as slowing down the aging process.

Click on the audio player to access an exclusive meditation designed to help you slow down and connect with your natural rhythm for regeneration.

Reflexology Technique

Sit in a comfortable position on your bed, or in a chair.

Place a quarter sized amount of SPARITUAL Foot Balm onto the palm of one hand, rub palms together to warm the Foot Balm.

Place each hand on either side of one foot and, beginning at the toes and moving toward the heel, rub the Foot Balm into your foot, being sure to rub it in between your toes. Pay special attention to rough, dry areas, such as your heels. End by rubbing the Foot Balm into your ankle in a circular motion. Place your foot on your opposite thigh to access the bottom of the foot.

We’re going to perform some reflexology, which is massaging pressure points to stimulate different areas of the central nervous system. All the toes are associated with the head and neck, so massaging this area is known to secrete melatonin, which aids in a better night’s sleep and releases tension in the neck and shoulders. Using your thumb, inch up each toe, making sure to massage the top of each toe as well as the sides. Once you’ve reached the top of your toes, work your way back down again.

Next, use your thumb to massage up and down the inner side of your foot. This area is associated with the spine. Now move your thumb to press the ball of your foot, which is associated with the chest. This will help calm and deepen your breath. Massage under the ball of your foot to promote feelings of deep relaxation, and then move to your heel. Press softly here a few times to foster a restful sleep. The bottom of the heel is associated with the sciatica nerve, and there is an insomnia point just at the top, center part of the heel.

Repeat the above steps on the opposite foot.

Nighty, night. Sleep well. 

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