Dry Body Brush


Benefits of Dry Brushing 
Improve skin health with the benefits of dry body brushing. Using a dry brush increases blood circulation to promote lymphatic drainage to help eliminate toxins, and stimulates the nervous system - leaving you feeling invigorated and energized. 

Daily brushing helps reduce the appearance of cellulite, promotes cell renewal, tighter and healthier skin. Our brand new brush is created with love to cleanse and beautify the skin for your sustainable self-care practice. Leave skin with a healthy glow, and encourage a healthier mental outlook.

Sourced with Awareness

Sustainable self-care body brush.

This dry body brush is made with sisal hemp bristles, a soft cotton strap, and FSC Certified Beechwood. The shape of the brush has been customized to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand for ergonomic handling and brushing. 

The Slow Beauty Ritual

In the morning before showering on bare skin. Start at the feet (soles and top) then brush up the legs and thighs with light, smooth strokes, move to buttocks and back, then hands. Brush the palm and back of hands, arms and shoulders towards the heart. Brush down the neck and chest. Brush the stomach up towards the heart and in from the sides.

Pause and feel the body awaken to a brand new day.

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