Proper and consistent attention to nail care is crucial for a well-rounded hand and body care ritual. A nail health ritual keeps nails looking and feeling fresh. Bring the nail spa home with a simple routine to nourish and protect hands and nails while adding a gorgeous pop of color.

This ritual comes with:
SPARITUAL Nourishing Vegan Color
SPARITUAL Cuticle Serum


Backed by scientific research, meditation has a vast amount of benefits including stress reduction, improvement of one’s overall sense of well-being, and feelings of connectedness and empathy, as well as slowing down the aging process.

Click on the audio player to access an exclusive meditation designed to help you slow down and connect with your natural rhythm for regeneration.

Mani/ Pedi Ritual

Set the scene, start by creating a beautiful, calming, spa-like environment.
If you like, listen to our meditation while you do your nails to help you savor the moment.

Begin your manicure or pedicure prep. Begin by using our Nail Brush and Files to buff the nails and create a smooth surface.

 Next, apply your Nourishing Vegan Color. This one-step formula requires no base or top coat and nourishes by allowing moisture and oxygen to reach the nail.

Finish the ritual by massaging our Cuticle Serum to help heal your cuticles and our Hand Salve for extra nourishment and hydration.

Be sure to show a before and after.

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DO use calming, spa-like royalty- free music
DO be joyful without being saccharine or cheesy
DO create a natural, peaceful, minimal, clean aesthetic
DO make the ritual seem accessible
DO film in magical, serene, heavenly environments
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