May 28 is Menstrual Hygiene Management Day (MHM), and We Are Celebrating!

From May 28 through June 4, 20% of all net proceeds of our body care products will benefit Surge for Water Menstrual Hygiene program field projects to engage, educate and empower women and girls who are impacted in Uganda.

SPARITUAL has partnered with Surge for Water for a Break The Barriers Women’s Wellness and Empowerment Campaign in Celebration of Menstrual Hygiene Management Day. Here are some important facts you need to know:

50% of Women in the U.S have been “period shamed” and around the world women deal with many period taboos.

1 in 10 Girls globally, miss up to 20% of school every year due to periods.

Today is an internationally recognized day that helps break the silence about the fundamental role that menstrual hygiene management (MHM) plays in enabling women and girls to reach their full potential. SURGE FOR WATER’S Menstrual Hygiene Program is a highly interactive program that ENGAGES, EDUCATES, AND EMPOWERS women and girls. The program includes community sensitization, construction of school latrines (with changing stations), WASH training, menstrual health and hygiene education, classes on making reusable pads and soap, income-generating opportunities, and more. Over 5,000 women and girls have been impacted through Surge’s Youth Programs, Community Engagement and Sanitation in Schools. 


Testimonial From 14-Year Old Ikeba Doreen

“My mother is a tailor.  I will go back and teach her how to make reusable pads so that she begins to make and sell them at our small trading center so that she earns more income to care for our basic needs. Since the modern sanitary pad cost UGX 3,000 (approximately 0.9 USD), she can sell hers at UGX 1,000  (approximately 0.5 USD).” 


About Surge

Surge invests in communities through safe water and sanitation solutions to help end the cycle of poverty. Since 2008, Surge has provided over 1 million people in 11 countries access to safe water and sanitation. Where there is safe water, there is a chance for a better future. Visit to learn more.


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